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Kitrick Short Originals
Kitrick Short Art

Kitrick Short Giclees

Kitrick Short is as bright, solid and multi-faceted as the art he creates. His paintings and sculptural designs are born of the energy of sound. He creates his work within a large, acoustically designed sound studio in Southwest Florida.

Distinctive Front Gates
Sculptured gates

Music is a fundamental part of Kitrick's work. He designs sculptures and paints images to the accompaniment of music that cascades from enormous, studio-quality McIntosh stereo speakers. He transforms this sound-energy into his paintings, drawings, etchings and stainless steel, bronze, fiberglass and stone sculptures. Kitrick's art is meant to be experienced with the primary senses of sight, sound and touch. He calls his artwork, "Positive Sound Images."

Homage To The Band

Visit the Art Gallery to find a collection of over 5 dozen etchings, watercolors, drawings, figure and landscape paintings, metal fabrications, sculptures and abstract paintings.

Art Gallery
Homage To The Beatles

Sculptural Works
Sculptural Works

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